Off to a road trip? Read this to make your car ready for it!

You are probably over excited because of the upcoming journey you are going to undertake. And if we are right, you are going through the roadways. You are taking your car along with you? So, the message of the day is - when you are taking your vehicle with you for a road trip, ensure that it is ready for this journey.

The important tips to make your car road trip ready!

Do you know why we are emphasising so much in getting your car ready before a road trip? Well, because we have seen exclusive and luxurious cars getting harmed and being given away for cash for cars in Auckland to Wreckers Auckland. Yes, they give you comparatively good rates for this junk, but your car certainly didn’t deserve this place. It would have been in a good condition if you had carefully made it road trip ready.

o   Check the batteries — Checking the batteries of your car before a road trip is of prime importance. Especially, if your car has been idle for long, it may have drained by now. Ensure that you recharging it before you start the vehicle for the journey.

o   Check and change the tyres — You just can't start a long journey without checking your tyres. They might be low in air and getting them inflated is important for a seamless journey. You shouldn’t even delay in changing them if they are too damaged and old.

o   Check wipers and lights — Don't at all start the vehicle for the journey without checking that your wipers are working fine. Especially if you are going out during the rainy season, this has to be on your priority list. Also, there might be fog (especially during the winter months) -- so keep your fog lights well managed. Further, check the headlights and taillights to prevent any kind of accident during the journey.

o   Clean the exhaust system and air filters — Lots of dust and debris get collected in the exhaust system and air filters of your car. Ensure that you are cleaning them thoroughly before you start the journey. You would never know when this blockage may become a trouble for you and your car might show serious issues. You can even expect a drastic accident because of this problem which might force you to give your vehicle to car wreckers.

o   Top up the fuel and change the coolant — You will obviously remember to fill up your tank. You don't need a specific reminder for the same. But changing the coolant is important before you start the journey. If it’s too old or diluted, your car might show problems en route.

o   Check the brakes, gear, and accelerator — A properly working car is totally dependent upon the smoothness of your brake, clutch, and even the proper pressure of the accelerator. Ensure that you are checking all of these and even changing the brake oil before you start the journey.

We truly hope that your journey stays safe and smooth. But just hoping and wishing won’t do any good if you aren’t carrying out the necessary preparations for it – and for that, you have the checklist above. 

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