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There are three major types of car disposal options available, such as:

  • Car Donation

It is a rather self-explanatory term. You can help charity by donating your car to it. The charity does not always use the car, but sometimes sell it, and the proceedings then go to the charity. For you, the catch is that you get a tax deduction if you help any charity. Even if the car is worthless to you, it can still get you tax benefits and also be helpful for charity because it can be sold parts by parts as the metal, batteries and other parts can be recycled and reused.

  • Auto Recycling

Auto recycling is the practice of reusing the parts of your car for some other purposes and making money out of it. Even if your car is not running properly, it still has parts which are worth some money because they can be recycled. Some of these parts are tyres, brake fluid, oil and most importantly, metal. Why would you not want to get a little bit of money out of the trash that you once called your car? It’s not all trash. The waste is also extremely harmful to the environment because it contains lead, sulphuric acid and various types of metal which can react with the soil and contaminate it. It also causes air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution. So, contribute your bit to the environment and choose auto recycling as your car disposal option.

  • Trade In

If your car still runs, you can exchange it for some other car to have a better experience. You can trade it in, and even if it is not worth a lot of money, you can still have a few bucks which can be used as a coupon. The dealer can resell your car entirely or sell it parts by parts, as per his desire and profit margin. This way, you get something worth more out of your used car.

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