The quick things to do when your car brakes fail!

Car brakes failed amidst a drive? Oh God! It’s dangerous, risky, and can even lead to fatal accidents. We know the situation is really hazardous. But wait. Stay calm. If you aren’t wise and tactful during this time, you can cause a bigger issue than what the failed brakes can do.

Immediate things to do when your car’s brakes fail!

Let’s not waste time. The damage has been done and your car’s brakes aren’t working any more. We just hope that your car doesn’t get more damaged and you won’t have to opt for car removals in Auckland and give it away as junk. Just follow these steps immediately:

Don’t panic at all — The very first thing that you should remember as soon as you know that the brakes of the car have failed is not to panic at all. Because the panic can worsen the situation and you can commit some grave mistakes. So, calm down, keep your control steady on the steering, and consider the safety options available with you.

Give a last slow try — Be sure that the brakes have actually failed. Try using the same once again slowly and see if it can still work. (We hope it does!)

Use the emergency brakes — If you don’t want your car to be damaged and given away for wrecking to Wreckers Auckland against cash for cars in Auckland, then immediately use the emergency brakes. This wrecking company however always provides the best rates for any kind of damaged car and pick up the same from the location you decide. But of course, this doesn’t need to happen if you are using the emergency brakes on time and saving yourself and the car.

Reduce the speed and gear — If you are driving on a high speed and the gear is on fifth of fourth, the danger can increase. But since you just realised that stopping the car won’t be easy now, reduce the speed and keep the car on first gear so that stopping won’t be that difficult.

Signal or honk for help — It isn’t easy to stop the car now. But the drivers on the road around you don’t know that. You can start honking constantly so that the drivers ahead and around you can move further away. And if there’s anyway through which you can ask for help, don’t hesitate or think twice before doing the same.

Don’t switch off the car’s engine until the vehicle stops — So, you are constantly trying to get a grip on the brake and trying to halt the car. And even the speed has reduced. You will soon get a control of the vehicle and stop it through emergency brakes. Until then don't try to switch off the ignition of the vehicle. It can only lead to the car bouncing back and turning around causing a huge accident.

After you overcome the nasty incident and your car has stopped, don't forget to take your vehicle to the nearest mechanic and get the brakes tested immediately. If an accident happened, rush to the nearby hospital for treatment and later check if the car is still usable. But don’t at all try to drive the vehicle at any cost without getting it checked and repaired.

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