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Do you have any old, scrap or used cars at home?

What’s better than to receive hard cash for your scrap cars! Call Wreckers Auckland professionals, and we will be at your doorstep in no time!

You may be surprised to know that Wreckers Auckland offers instant cash for old cars, but it is too good to be true. We have a team of certified and experienced professionals who understand the worth of such vehicles because even though, the car is not functioning, it still possesses different parts, which are valuable to many and don’t forget the value of the metal, it is made up of.

Cash for Old Cars Auckland

A damaged car is still an expensive piece of machinery which can be dismantled and sold for parts by parts. Yes, it is true! The old tin that was once a car at your home, can still fetch you some good money, if you can find a good buyer. Wreckers Auckland have licensed auto wreckers, who deal in such vehicles by offering our customers different types of services for their damaged car.

Cash for Old Cars

By disposing it to an expert professional, you are contributing to the environment because this way, you can reduce the waste footprint of the metal car, simultaneously benefitting yourself by making some extra cash.

Cars for Cash Auckland

Not many companies offer hard cash for old vehicles because they do not understand the worth of the vehicle. They might only value the metal body and not the internal parts. It is best to contact a dealer who deals in multiple services related to auto wrecking because that will be the only person who can offer you the true value of your car. Wreckers Auckland is one such professional, who believes in keeping our customers happy by offering them the best value in town. Our professionals inspect the complete car and make a list of all the valuable internal parts. Then the car is weighed to know the value of the metal body. Every part is priced differently, and you are offered an amount which is too good to be true. This way, you can clearly see what’s worth what and accordingly decide to sell your car to us.

Get a Good Cash Price for Your Old Cars in Auckland

Apart from offering the best amount for your car, we also offer free pickup service. You simply need to call us, and our professionals will help you understand our services. Once you know what service you want to go for, you need to tell us your basic details like your name, address and car type, etcetera, and one of our professionals will visit your place soon. You can also tell us your preferred time and date, and we will reach you at that particular time and date without a doubt. We are proud to mention that we have always been punctual and sincere with all our customers, and this has helped us become the leaders in the car wrecking industry in Auckland.

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