At Wreckers Auckland, we will not only buy a car and pay maximum money for it, but we will also remove it FREE of charge.

You can’t just leave your old car rotting in the backyard and turning to rash now that it is unusable. It is occupying the space that can be used for some other purpose. It is time that you need to get away with it so that the space can be used judiciously. If you have finally decided to do that then Car Wreckers Auckland are the perfect choice for you. Ask them to help you remove that vehicle from your property and earn some money in exchange of it. This is the best option available for you to turn your trash into cash and make the best use of it. Don’t worry, you do not have to keep calling them for their service; the work will be done at a stunning speed without you having to go through any hassle of transportation.

When it comes to taking away the vehicles, Car Wreckers Auckland does not discriminate in any kind of vehicle. Be it a small hatchback, or an SUV, or a jeep, van, lorry, anything, if it has to be disposed, then we are the ones who will do it. Not just that, we will also give you a hefty amount in exchange of the car. So, any vehicle, whatsoever maybe the condition, it will be taken care of by us!.

Auckland Truck Wreckers

Do you want to get rid of your old, rusting truck or fleet of trucks? Would you like to buy new trucks?

You've arrived at the correct place. We offer money for many old, scrap, trash, accidental, or damaged trucks.

We can also provide same-day removal and free paperwork processing directly at your location. We always pay our said quote, and you won’t even have to pay the towing fee.

We are essentially cash for truck service in the Auckland region. Every scrap vehicle that is broken, junked, rusted, and parked in your driveway has salvageable pieces. Engine, transmission, radiator, tyres, differential, and suspension are all examples of mechanical components. These components have monetary worth. After inspecting each truck, we determine the optimum price to wreck each junk vehicle. So you get paid for every junk truck.

Vans Need Wrecking too

You are mistaken if you think cars are the only automobile that requires recycling. If it were the case, several trucks and vans in the streets would cause a mess. However, like other automobiles, even vans are recycled for their precious spare parts. If you own a minivan, caravan, or panel van that is no longer in use or is not roadworthy, we will remove it for free. We do not care about the make or model of the van. If you have a non-car vehicle on your rusting property and you want to dispose of it properly, we'll do it for free throughout Auckland.

4WD Wreckers in Auckland

Is your 4x4 on its final legs, or would it be too expensive to repair? If that's the case, WA Auto Parts wrecker can assist you. We'll pay you cash for your wrecked, lifeless, shattered, old, and unwanted 4WDs. We will pay top dollar for your 4x4 and will transfer it for free anywhere in Auckland. Even if your 4x4 has been in an accident, we will pay more for it than any other wrecker in Auckland. Please email us here or call us if you wish to sell your 4x4 today.

You'll know you're in excellent hands when you sell your 4x4 to us. We specialise in most brands and models of high-quality four-wheel-drive automobiles. We specialise in Jeep, Mitsubishi, Holden, Ford, Toyota, and Nissan off-road vehicles.

Let’s not forget Utes, Suv’s Jeeps

If your Utes or SUVs are collecting dust in your garage, send it to us. We take care of things related to automobile wrecking. We do not care if your vehicle is in excellent condition or broken and beat down. We care only about the parts in the vehicle. Utes and SUVs are big heavy-duty vehicles, and their parts too are valuable.

Almost all parts of the automobile can be recycled. You just need to take the first step to call us or fill our online form, and we will get back to you. A huge chunk of garbage from the automobile industry to landfills can be eliminated if we take the first step.

Don’t delay, book your pick up today Call Us at : 0800 888 938