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Wreckers Auckland is a professional car service which deals in old, used and scrap cars. We offer hard cash to all our customers in return for their cars. If you think that your car is no longer valuable, then you are completely wrong because, from our experience and expertise, we can assure you that even in the worst condition, any car is worth more than zero because the metal body and other reusable parts can be dismantled and sold separately.

We have years of experience in the industry, and we have seen a variety of damaged cars. Our professionals are experts in valuing different parts as per their reusability and condition. The metal body is used to manufacture other products. It reduces the load on the resources as less energy is required to extract the metal from its ore and process it to make steel. The brake fluids and oil are responsible for contaminating groundwater and causing soil pollution, if dumped in landfills, which is why, it needs to be disposed of properly. The lead-sulphur batteries can be recycled for other purposes. Other than that, if the lead is disposed of in landfills, it mixes with the soil and reaches the groundwater, contaminating the whole area. Lead causes brain and kidney damage, if ingested into the body. Overall waste footprint along with reasons for air, water and soil pollution are reduced significantly.

Other parts of the car can be used for other purposes, such as:

  • Seats
  • Seat covers
  • Plastic body
  • Other internal parts

Our auto dismantling and auto recycling services are what make us the best car parts’ seller in town. It allows us to obtain different car parts easily and we sell it at amazing rates because we have recycled it at low rates. You don’t have to worry if you are unable to find any car parts for your car because if we don’t have that particular part, we will get it arranged for you in a few days’ time. Old cars’ owners are not always able to find the right part, maybe because the company has stopped manufacturing it, but when a customer comes to us with such a request, we make sure it is fulfilled as our wrecking yard is full of old cars with reusable and recyclable parts. So come now!

Our customers just love us because we cater to all their needs with care, keeping in mind the importance of their requests. Visit Wreckers Auckland to find what you are looking for, from our wide range of car parts.

All car parts that we deal in are in excellent conditions and are of the highest possible quality at that price, so don’t hesitate to give a look and enjoy a satisfying experience.

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