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Auto dismantling, as the name suggests, is the process of breaking a car into smaller pieces, carefully enough to ensure that all the reusable and recyclable parts are not damaged or broken during the process. It requires skills and sound technical expertise to be able to actually follow through because every car is different, and is considered scrap due to different reasons, which is why, the professional needs to understand what is important and what trash is, and accordingly dismantle it.

Dismantling a car is an essential practice because it is both, good for you and good for the environment. For you, it generates cash out of waste, while for the environment, it reduces the total amount of waste generated out of vehicles.

Benefit for you– When you have a scrap car that doesn’t work anymore, you just wish it to be gone. It takes unnecessary space at your place, is not a good site to watch and not worth anything to you anymore. That’s where you are wrong. Even if it is in the worst of conditions, it is still worth something. Maybe not a lot of money, but it is still more than zero. Scrap cars are worth some money because of the weight of the metal, lead-sulphur batteries, oil, brake fluid and other reusable parts. Professionals dismantle the car to obtain these parts and sell them off individually to earn money. These professionals will examine your car and accordingly give you a price on it. You just need to visit a trusted and experienced professional to ensure that you are not getting ripped off by being paid way below the actual price. Wreckers Auckland have a record of offering the best value for cars in town! Visit us and experience this for yourself!

Benefit for the environment– The environment has more to benefit from it than you. As already mentioned above, if the car is dismantled, there are many reusable items. But if it is disposed of as it is, then all this is added to the environment. The lead-sulphur batteries are extremely harmful to the environment because it pollutes the soil and groundwater, if disposed of in a landfill (lead causes brain and kidney damage). The metal can be recycled for other purposes, reducing the load on mining it from the ore. All these processes cause air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution, and anything, which can reduce it, is extremely beneficial for the environment.

Wreckers Auckland experts are highly experienced and trained professional, who follow a simple process. We offer free pickup services, we examine the car completely, put a value on different parts and the metal body, and in the end, offer you hard cash for your car.

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We buy your car that nobody is interested in from used car distributors. Most cars we buy are no longer cars that are in a condition to run. We buy those cars from you and give you the value of the scraps. We dismantle the cars and other automobiles ranging from bikes, trucks and vans. We dismantle every small part that can be utilised. We can recycle an automobile part many times before it goes to our landfill. It is not just monetary gain for you and me in scrapping cars, but also for the environment. We do our best to take the steps towards planet Earth. If your car’s parts can be recycled, why waste it by ditching it in the landfill. Every new vehicle has some elements that come from recycled goods.

If you have a problem with your vehicle becoming old, scraped, junked, or involved in an accident, you may call us and handle the removal with more efficiency and effort. A team of specialists carries all of our work. This task can make use of the most up-to-date technology and techniques.

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