Wreckers Auckland Locations

Car wreckers Auckland are not just confined in Auckland. We have extended our services to other cities as well like Waitakere, North Land, North Shore, Penrose, Takanini, west Auckland and other cities. We are also present in New Lynn, Avondale, Onehunga, Albany, Manukau, South Auckland, and Papakura. In any of these cities, if you need help in getting rid of the cars that have turned into junk, then we are at your service. You do not have to worry about any transportation, we will manage the pick up from your location. Car wreckers Auckland is undoubtedly the best car wrecking service that you will find in your area through which you can get away with the unused vehicles without any hassle.

Not just with cleaning your junk, we also pay you for this. The money of course depends on the car model and condition. You can easily gain hard cash in the range of $100 to $9999 by just giving us your junk. We provide the best possible service in all these cities so that you can clean your space. It would be bad on our part if we only operate in Auckland and nowhere else and since we ae not bad people, we are at your doorstep in the mentioned cities as well. You can thank us later for helping you out to take the car off your hands!


If you live anywhere in Northland and you have a junk vehicle, you are in luck, because we operate our services all throughout the Northland area. We want your junk cars, scrap vans, broken Utes, totalled SUV’s and used 4×4’s, and will pay from $100 to $9999 for them.


Fold living in Papakura isn’t immune to the curse of owning a junk machine, but they do have someone to call in order to have them removed and get paid at the same time. That would be us, Autowrecker. We provide free removal and pay top cash for vehicles of any condition, make or model.

South Auckland

We want everyone to experience the superior quality of our junk car removal service, and with this in mind, we offer our expertise to the good folk of South Auckland. If you live in South Auckland and you have a clunker that has to be disposed of immediately, don’t hesitate a moment longer. Call us at 0800 888 938 and we will be there in a jiffy.

North Shore

It would be a national tragedy if we forgot the North Shore. The North Shore is just as deserving as anyone else of having their junk vehicles removed from their property as anyone else. And not only is it free, we pay handsomely!


If there is a scrap vehicle in your driveway, garage or anywhere on your property, you shouldn’t have to live like this. That is why we are here. We want to make the lives of scrap auto owners easier by turning them into ex scrap vehicle owners via the most convenient and easy method of vehicle selling known to man.


Are you currently in a constant state of despair because of the pile of vehicular junk living on your property? Call us at 0800 888 938. We will give you a free cash quote, and if you are on board with that, we will turn up and buy the thing off you for as much as it is worth in salvageable parts and materials. Your wallet and your lawn will thank you.


Living in Penrose should be a dream, but often can turn into a nightmare with the introduction of a junk vehicle into your world. Say no to scrap cars, Utes, SUV’s, trucks and 4×4’s today by calling us and having the cursed thing removed immediately. We will pay sweet cash for it, and the removal costs will be a burden for us to shoulder, not you.


Do you live in Onehunga? Do you also have a scrap car? Have you been stressing out over how to dispose of the junk automobile, but don’t have the foggiest idea on how to go about it? Today is your lucky day if you are reading this, because now you know all about Autowrecker, Aucklands premiere auto removal service. Call us and have it removed.

West Auckland

We would be terrible people if we offered our amazing expertise to everyone in Auckland except for West Auckland. And we are not terrible people, so West Auckland, you can thank your lucky stars that Auckland’s best car removal company removes junk cars of any condition in your area.


Some people say that the best thing about living in Takanini is the fact that if you have a scrap vehicle, you can easily sell it. And you have us, Autowrecker, to thank for that. Call us at 0800 888 938 for all your scrap vehicle removal needs.


Are you in the unfortunate position of having an unwelcome clunker, otherwise known as a junk vehicle, camping out on your lawn? Or maybe it is in the garage, where your working car should be. Then call us and we will eradicate that annoyance from your life forever. And it is free. And we pay you!

New Lynn

New Lynn has many things to be proud of, but perhaps its biggest achievement is having Auckland’s top car removal company operating their service there. That’s us, Autowrecker! We buy junk vehicles and remove them for free. Our number is 0800 888 938. Make haste and call us today!


We pay anywhere from $100 to $9999 for vehicles that are either used, old, or unwanted. Any condition. Any make or model. This service is for the entire Auckland region, including such places as Waitakere. If you want to sell a car, truck, Ute, SUV or 4×4 then call us at 0800 888 938.

Don’t delay, book your pick up today Call Us at : 0800 888 938