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If you have finally decided to give away your old car that is doing nothing but sitting idly in your backyard, then you only have to do one thing, make a call to Car Wreckers Auckland and they will do the rest. They will not just take away the car irrespective of the condition but also give you a good amount in return. You also do not have to worry about the transportation for the pick up will be arranged by Car Wreckers only at the address specified by you.

The cars that you give away, be it an SUV, or a jeep or a truck, in whatever condition it is, if it has to be wrecked then it should be done by Car Wreckers Auckland. Once the car comes into their possession, it is recycled for various other purposes. The same car that was going to trash lying uselessly in your garage can be of use once it is handed over to Car Wreckers and they subject it to wrecking and crushing. The cars taken from you are used to extract steel, nonferrous metals and other contents. All these metals and alloys are then sold to steel mills and other manufacturing businesses. So your used car is put to good use while you gain money as well!

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