Get Instant Cash for Cars With Wreckers Auckland

Have an old car in your garage that’s being an inconvenience to you? Give Wreckers Auckland a call and have us pick up the old clunker to recycle it.

You will be surprised to know just how much cash for cars Auckland’s wreckers will pay. While you may be looking for a private buyer for your old car, know that professional car wreckers pay more. Why? Because where normal people see your car as nothing more than junk, wreckers see metal and parts that can be recycled and resold.

Even when a car is not functioning, several parts of it like the tyres or the engine can get good value when sold. The metal frame of the car can also fetch good money. Both of these, therefore, can be recycled and repurposed. As such, wreckers evaluate the true value of the car and pay you hard cash for it.

Get cash for cars while being eco-friendly

While wreckers generally pay cash for cars of all kinds, old or damaged, it is the owners of the old ones that benefit the most. You see, old cars have lower fuel efficiency and can easily pollute the environment and the area where it is parked. This can potentially harm you and obviously nature. You can prevent this by reaching out to Auckland Wreckers.

Our recycling facility ensures that the whole process is eco-friendly. Moreover, we can, at most times, recycle up to 90% of a vehicle, reducing the amount that ends in the landfills. This means, when you choose Auckland Wreckers, you are choosing the safety of mother earth. What’s more? You get paid a good sum for your eco-friendly efforts. Sounds like a win-win situation, doesn’t it?

Get the best quote for you old clunker

Many wreckers give a rough estimate that may be lesser than what you deserve to get for your old car and its parts. However, with us, that is not the case. Our expert mechanics, thoroughly evaluate the vehicle and its components. Each part is valued differently. At the end of the evaluation, you will have a comprehensive amount that is higher than our competitors.

However, the cash we pay is not what makes Wreckers Auckland the best in the city. No, it is our free-pickup service and dedicated service that makes us one of the leaders in the auto wrecking industry in Auckland. With just one call, you will have an expert mechanic coming to your location at a time suitable to you to evaluate and pick up the car. With little to no paperwork, we walk away with your old clunker and you enjoy all the hard cash.

Need to rid of an old damaged car? Give us a call for a quote.

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