4 tips to get cash for your junk car

Breakdown of a car is inevitable and so are repair works. But when both become rather frequent and your engine is all but busted, you know it time to switch to a new one. Then comes the question, “Is junking my car my only option?” If you bobbed your head in approval to that question, you probably are confused about how to go about it. When it comes to selling junk cars for cash Auckland car owners simply need to follow four tips to make the most of the sale. 

1. Sell it yourself

You may be tempted to be scot-free by selling your old car to a used car dealer. While it is a convenient option, it is always more profitable to sell it yourself. Evaluate your car’s worth with the help of a local dealer or the Kelley Blue Book. Then, you will need to sort things like the title, maintenance records, warranty information, basic maintenance work, and shinning up the car. All you need to do next is to advertise your car and wait for the perfect buyer. 

2. Sell your parts

Sometimes selling individual parts of a car is more profitable than the whole of the car. Older and popular cars and its components are always in high demand among private collectors. Parts like radios, windshields, engines, side windows, etc., are things that buyers covet. As such, pick apart the sellable components and store them safely (to avoid corrosion) before selling the car to a junkyard. 

3. Find a junkyard

Finding the nearest junkyard is the best choice for those with little time on their hands or not inclined towards getting handsy with the car. Do your research and narrow your list according to your requirements. Once you find a reputable junkyard, all you need to do is walk away with cash, for they will handle the title transfer for free, along with recycling the vehicle. 

4. Cars for charity

Some charities accept vehicle donations. Such organizations either sell the car for scrap or repurpose it. Should the vehicle be in operational condition, charities pass it on to the needy. While you may not get upfront cash when donating your car, but you certainly get a donation receipt. You can use this receipt when filing taxes and get a tax deduction. 


Getting rid of your old junk car and earning some extra cash is not as hard as you might think. With little research and preparation, you can walk away with the money after a successful sale. Before choosing any of the four options given above, be sure to evaluate your cars worth to avoid being scammed and to make an informed decision.

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