4 Things that cause your car to depreciate

Few things can match the excitement of buying a new car. That said, you should know that there are a lot of things which result in a decreased value of your car. And when you sell your old car, these things impact the cost of it.


We know that saying goodbye to an old car is difficult but the idea that the money you get for it will help you in buying a new ride, is super exciting. There are many companies who provide the service of car removal in Auckland and provide cash for your car.

If you want sell your old car for good money, look out for these thing which depreciate its value.

1.) Misplacing its maintenance records: Look at it this way, if you are buying a car, you would want that the previous owner took car maintenance seriously and took it for servicing regularly. Right? Your car’s potential buyers will also want to have a look at service records. If you have the records, it satisfies them and proves that the car has been taken care of and is in a good condition. So, don’t toss those records away, instead, keep them safe.

2.) Irresponsible and reckless driving: We are sure that you are aware of the importance of responsible driving. When you drive carelessly, you can end up banging your car into something and you know how that can really decrease the cost of your vehicle. Avoiding high speeds and erratic driving can be lifesaving for you as it reduces the chances of accidents. And you must make it point to follow the road etiquettes and pay attention to the weather.

3.) Modifying it too much: Your taste must be awesome, but it is not everybody’s taste. We understand that when you buy a new car, many times you want to give it a spin and add a personal touch. However, before you go on a modification spree, bear this in mind: It impacts the resale value of your car negatively. It is always advisable to keep it in the original condition. And if the resale value doesn’t matter to you, customize all that you want.

4.) Neglecting the exterior and interior: Yes people look at the condition and maintenance, but they are equally considerate when it comes to the beauty of the car. Will you go for a car which is collecting dust and and is aesthetically worn out? No. Right? Everybody wants their car to look attractive and this is the reason that you need to take good care of your car’s interiors and exteriors. But if you fail at that, you always have car wreckers to turn to, as they pay good money for your car despite of the odds.

So, if you want to keep the resale value of your car up, repeat this after us, “I will keep the maintenance records safe, will not drive carelessly, will not modify too much, and will take good care of my car’s interiors and exteriors”.

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