10 Really Cool DIYs Using an Old Car Parts

car wreckers in Auckland and let them take care of it, or you can decide to pick up your tools, don your creative hat and turn the car parts into really fantastic decorative pieces. If there are some emotional values attached to the car you will choose the latter option and preserve some parts of the car in really beautiful ways. For the rest of the car, there are many people who give you quick cash for cars. Let’s start then. Let’s turn your car into some really cool stuff. 10really-post Don’t let the soft toys fool you, everybody, despite their age, will love this bed. You can simply use your car’s hood as the headboard of your bed. Isn’t that enviously cool? 10really-post1 Just look at that. Is it not giving you some serious goals? All you have to do is use your car wheel as a hose reel, and you are all set to go. 10really-post2 The license plate, though small, is a very important part of your car. So, why not preserve and use it to upgrade a bird house? 10really-post3 It can’t be all for you. Right? Your dog also loves that car. So, just make him this comfortable bed using a tyre. Imagine the love you will receive thereafter. 10really-post4 Thank the lord for the creative minds!! This table is made of a car tyre and it would really be a fantastic idea to replicate it. Right? 10really-post5 Can you imagine how cool it would be if you can achieve this? This car swing is guaranteed to make hearts sway in joy and burn in envy. Swing goals. 10really-post6 It is these little quirky things which add a lot of personality to your house. Using car handles for dresser drawers is a truly clever idea. See how it is breaking the monotony? 10really-post7 See how your old car can make you feel warm in the winters; well not the car but it’s parts. Using old tyre rims to make a fire pit is truly a genius idea. Pure genius. 10really-post8 Notice how simplicity is coming into play here. Even if you are bad at DIYs, you can achieve this with ease. Simply use your car spring as a candle stand. Makes your heart melt. Doesn’t it? 10really-post9 Want to give a fairytale touch to your garden? Here is one fun way of doing that. Turn your old car into a planter. By doing this you get to add beauty to your garden, as well as keep your car. We hope we got you inspired. Oh! Never mind. We already see you running to get those rusting tools out. Good luck! Happy DIYing!

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