Auto Recycling

Do you wonder if you should recycle your car or just dispose it off?

Do you know the benefits of recycling cars?

Pollution is the cause of some deadly diseases, and we can stop it together now! People need to understand the need for them to recycle products, not focusing on its size. All types of products can be recycled and reused in some way or the other.

The most amazing fact about recycling cars is that the steel from it can be reused for making other items. If you review the overall cycle, it simply means that less metal will be mined and less energy will be wasted on it. This equals lesser water pollution, lesser air pollution and lesser mining waste. There are many harmful substances in a car like oil, brake fluid, air conditioning gases and coolant. These substances can be disposed of carefully to ensure that they do not cause any harm to the environment or the people.

Why Recycle Tyres?

Do you know millions of tyres are disposed of every year around the world? These end up either as the meat of landfills or are burnt by uninformed individuals, causing tons of air pollution, and the runoff ends up contaminating the groundwater. A stockpile of tyres also attract mosquitoes and can also be responsible for a fire hazard. Tyres are a resource which can be used for a lot of other purposes like compost bins, road surfacing, insulation blocks, vegetable planters and Ute mats, etcetera.

What else to recycle in a car other than tyres and metal? Say batteries and oil!

Recycling lead-acid batteries are essential because it reduces the disposal of lead and sulphuric acid in the environment. Lead is a highly toxic substance, which causes brain and kidney damage, if ingested. Fortunately, 99% of the battery components can be reused for new batteries. It reduces the amount of energy wasted to recover lead from its ore. The less lead in the environment, the better.

Even dirty oil can be cleaned and reused for other products, so why dump oil in landfills, where it can contaminate hundreds of litres of water? It is important to consider this as one of your responsibilities to ensure that you are not contributing to any pollution, no matter what.

Wreckers Auckland stand true when we state that we don’t participate in causing unnecessary pollution, which encouraged us to design services around this statement. When you contact us, you will know what ways we employ to ensure that your vehicle is recycled to its smallest parts and all the waste is dumped carefully by certified and experienced professionals, to ensure that neither you nor we are causing any type of unnecessary pollution. You don’t have to worry about anything with us.

Just give us a call, and our professionals will be at your doorstep as soon as possible to pick up your car and recycle it as much as possible.

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