How Much Can You Expect When Scrapping Your Car?

One of the first questions that come to the mind of any responsible car owner who is trying to scrap his or her vehicle is that – how much to expect? Well, since we at Wreckers Auckland, have been in this industry for quite some time now, we’ll be able to provide you with sufficient insight as to how much you can expect to get in return for your scrap car. 

The Factors That Decide The Value Of Your Scrap Car

According to a car wrecking company offering services such as cars for cash in Auckland, there are quite a lot of factors that will decide how much you can expect from your scrap car. Some of these factors are user-controllable while you can't control the others. The most influential factors are as follows:

  • The scrap metal market
  • The weight of your vehicle

Now, let’s explain the aforementioned factors one by one.

1. The Weight Of Your Scrap Car

In case you’re not aware then you must know that the weight of a vehicle is the single-most factor that decides the value of your scrap vehicle. The price of a scrap car will be based on the weight of your entire vehicle, meaning that if you have a large car, then you can expect better scrap value than smaller ones. Even if you have a small vehicle, you can get a good scrap value. But, the value will be dependent on the global market price of recycled metals, such as steel, copper and aluminium.

2. The Current Scrap Car Market Value
As we have already mentioned before, the value you can expect for your scrap vehicle will depend on the scrap car & scrap metal market value. It can be possible that the market is going through a great period and thereby you can obtain a respectable value for your scrap vehicle. However, the alternative scenario can also happen.

Is Scrapping Your Car Financially The Best Option?
According to a professional service provider for car removal in Auckland, once your vehicle is no longer useful for you, then scrapping should be the first option that you should look forward to. Moreover, the scrapping process is much more straightforward than trying to find a buyer for your old vehicle. This is because, if you decide to sell your vehicle, you not only have to spend time cleaning & making your car look great to the buyer but also create online advertisements for the same. 

At the end of the heyday, the additional effort that you’ll be spending in selling vs scrapping your car will be dependent on your choice or preference. And we hope you make the correct choice because you deserve better. 

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